I don't know if I practice the Swedish death cleaning thing.  Maybe it's just that my claustrophobia kicks in periodically and I need to declutter my life. I do sort through what I own fairly frequently and pull out all those things that do not bring me joy. So maybe Marie Kondo is more my thing. I give lots of clothes and shoes away. And while I am much more of a hoarder when it comes to my spinning and weaving related items, I go through them fairly frequently also. I don't want to count the number of different spinning wheels I have owned over the years that have moved on to other owners. It's a pretty large number. All the tools and fiber and yarn that doesn't bring me joy gets put on the For Sale table.

So what's on our list of gently used items for sale?  Take a look!


This gently used bookcase used to sit up on a table and house all my personal spinning, weaving and dyeing books. The last time I moved furniture around I added a tall bookcase so don't need this one.  It is old and funky and charming. You could use it sitting on the floor but I don't bend as well as I used to so having it up on a table worked better for me. It's heavy so I don't want to ship it but it is available for pick-up.  Price: $50.

Warping Board: SOLD


This warping board will hold up to 9 yards of warp so it's a great size for many weavers. I'm not sure where I acquired it but I have sectional back beams on all my looms so I warp sectionally and don't use a warping board. This could be shipped although picking it up here would be perfect. Price: $50.

Floor Loom:

I bought this Tools of the Trade loom (8 shafts, 45" weaving width, 5 reeds, lots of other accessories) this past spring from a lovely lady in San Antonio who was moving into a small apartment and didn't have room for it. I don't think she had used it for some years because it needed some work to get it back up to happy weaving. The last thing to fix is the friction brake. I'm getting some help from Leclerc since that's the friction brake system Mr. Arthur Weitzenfeld used when he built these looms. I hope to have it working perfectly very soon. In the meantime, take a look at your house and figure out where this loom would fit. It's big and heavy and would need to be picked up but it will give you years and years of happy weaving! Price: $1500.

Spinning Wheel: SOLD


We are getting ready for a spinning wheel sale, more about that in the next week or so.  In the meantime, this Schacht Ladybug wheel has been our shop and show sample.  She has ridden happily in the trailer and the car to and from shows and has lots of experience showing new spinners how to spin on a really  wonderful wheel. Her box is gone so she will have to be picked up or I can meet you within an hour or so from the studio. You won't find this good a deal on our other wheels, even in the upcoming sale. We have a bulky flyer with bulky bobbin available but not included with this wheel. We can get you the lazy kate attachment if you are interested but it is not included with the wheel. Price: $386.

Let us know if any of these wonderful items tickle your fancy!