Tour de Fleece - 2nd Installment

I have done more spinning since July 2nd than I have in quite a while.  I took one day off since we started this quest but only one.  I started out spinning up all my various art batts and made some wonderful yarn.  For the last week or so I've been working on naturals.  We sell quite a few different blends but I haven't sat down and really spun them all before now.

I have always loved the CVM x Wensleydale blend.  The fiber is very much like CVM in that it's shorter staple length with little luster but it's oh so soft.  The one I've been working on is the almost black yarn above.  The dark grey yarn is a different and very different CVM x Wensleydale blend.  This fiber is much more like the Wendsleydale side with longer staple length and much more luster.  The palest of the greys is from a pure bred CVM fleece.  I think they look stunning together and call out to be a knitted lace shawl.

After core spinning several art batts early on, I decided to 2 ply my last two batts of Chunky Puppy.  It's a Merino Wool, Bamboo and Firestar blend from our friends the batt ladies - Mary of Butterfly Girls and Sally of Yorkie Slave Designs. To be totally honest, I don't remember whose stellar abilities created these batts that I love so much but it was either Sally or Mary.

My spinning on the first two challenge days - July 10th and 14th - was bast bamboo.  I have spun this before but not in years and it was the challenge I suspected it would be.  I don't love it enough to keep stuggling with it so will sell the rest of the bast bamboo fiber I have.