Tour de Fleece

All you spinners out there are aware of the Tour de Fleece.  For the non-spinners, here's the story.  Every year at about this time there are a crazy bunch of guys peddling their two wheel bicycles all around France in the Tour de France. The race takes about three weeks and is done in stages.  There are easier days and more difficult days and a couple of days off.  We spinners have taken this as our game plan for an online spinning challenge.  We spin on the days the riders are riding.  We work on hard projects on the days they are climbing mountains and work on easy spinning when they have easy days.  And we can even take off the days they are resting.

This year, with the coronavirus still going strong all around the world, the Tour de France has been postponed from June/July until August/September with the possibility of ultimately being cancelled and held next summer as usual. 

Like many people, spinners and other fiber artists have been bombarded with closings since the pandemic began.  Most of our shows have been cancelled and a few have been postponed.  A few shows have been adjusted to smaller virtual events.

Here's the great news!  The Tour de Fleece can go ahead as usual.  This from Spin-Off Magazine editorial staff on June 19th:

The Tour de Fleece Carries On!

The wheels of professional cyclists may not be making their way around France this year, but the wheels (and spindles) of the Tour de Fleece press on.

This is something many of us do from home anyway.  We don't need to load up our spinning wheels and go anywhere.  We can maintain our social distance without even trying. We may not be able to spin while watching the Tour de France but we can certainly spin.

Here are the details.  The dates of June 27th through July 19th.  If you are interested in being on a virtual spinning team, check Ravelry, FaceBook or Spin Off Magazine.  You might also check your local fiber shop.  They may be sponsoring teams also.  We won't be joining a team this year but we will be spinning - Peggy at her house and me at mine.

And to go along with this great spinning adventure, we are having a sale on our hand dyed spinning fiber.  Check out the website for Panda, Polwarth & Silk, BFL & Silk along with cotton, linen, hemp and flax.  They are all priced at 20% off for the Tour de Fleece: June 27th through July 19th.  If you are interested in a new spinning wheel, we have several new ones on a 20% off sale and two wonderful gently used wheels at a great price.

So, get those wheels oiled up, pull out the spindles and let's get spinning!  Be sure to let us know if you need more fiber.  And be sure to send us a picture of whatever you spin up from our fiber.  We will put your picture up on the website! Remember, the sale on fiber starts Saturday June 27th and the spinning wheels are already on sale.