Today's Adventure

My husband and I were able to schedule a quick getaway this past week all made possible by Peggy's availability to come and feed the animals.  We drove over to Fredricksburg for a couple of days and had a lovely time.  We walked back and forth along Main Street, ate at great restaurants and managed to find some wonderful Christmas presents for family and friends.  It rained on Wednesday for our drive out there but was crisp and cold and sunny on Thursday - a glorious day.  We came home on Friday in the sun.  It was wonderful.

The burn ban here in Colorado County was lifted last week so Ron decided it was time to burn his little burn piles.  We learned our lesson about huge burn piles and how difficult it is to burn them safely.  Ron managed our last one masterfully with no issues but bad things could have happened.  Since then Ron has made a series of small burn piles that could be tended easily.

This morning was the designated burning time.  It started off well.  He had burned four small piles and was just lighting the last slightly larger pile when the wind picked up and the fire left it's designated areas and went racing across the field.

I saw what was happening pretty quickly from my studio and ran to help.  We each had a hose and were doing a pretty good job of putting out this ever increasing grass fire.  The problem was it was doing just that - ever increasing.  It had crossed the fence into the arena and was working it's way uphill to the pastures and the animals.  I called 911.

Bless our volunteer fire department.  They arrived in a flash.  Keith Neuendorff and a buddy came in one water truck, two guys I didn't recognize in another water truck, and a couple more people in more trucks just to be sure.  I love our volunteer fire department.

It took them all of 10 minutes to water down everything that was burning or had burned.  They are always calm, efficient and knowledgeable.  We did not manage to destroy our pastures or hurt any of the animals.  Both Ron and I had to change clothes since we were saturated with smoke but that was the worst of it.

This happened once before.  Only the once, but calling the fire department when you started the damned fire on purpose is humbling and embarrassing.  The last time was right after we moved out here and Peggy's son Robert and I set the burn pile on fire.  The fire was headed across our side fence and into 30 acres of newly baled hay.  Fortunately, the fire department got here and put it out quickly.  Just like they did today.  Ron pointed out we had lots more space till the fire hit our property line.  Fortunately, we weren't even close.

The llamas were not impressed with any of the adventure.