Back during the freeze in February, Steele, our Welsh pony, spent some time in the barn.  In the process of wandering around in the aisleway, he knocked the barn thermometer off the wall and stepped on it.  Bits of plastic everywhere. I have been slow to replace it.  Somehow when I was on various websites or in various stores that might have carried an appropriate thermometer, I wasn't thinking about it. Recently, I did think about it and got one ordered.


When the thermometer arrived I was surprised at the size - I expected it to be larger - and I was surprised that it doesn't use any batteries.  No batteries?  That's fabulous! Of course, now that I think about it, my last barn thermometer didn't have batteries either. Sometimes things need to smack me in the face before I recognize them.

Regardless of me being slow on the uptake, my new thermometer is lovely.  It also measures the humidity which is frequently a rude awakening.  Yes, the humidity was 75% the morning after I hung up the thermometer. Does that sound muggy and sticky?  Yes, it does and yes, it was. Sometimes I am easily amused by various bits of information. By the time I took this picture, the humidity had dropped to a much more reasonable and much more comfortable 55%. But we will and have seen 75% humidity often since then. We do hot and muggy really well.

Happy July in the greater Houston area.