There's a Cold Front Coming

We have had an unusually warm fall.  This October has been one of the warmest on record.  I'm not a big fan of sweating so I'm not a big fan of fall that is just a continuation of summer temperatures.  Yes, I know.  I live in Texas and if you can't take a joke about the weather you shouldn't live in Texas.  But really.  Days in the 80's and 90's in October and November?  That's just wrong.

We have had a couple of cool fronts wander down from the north so far this year. Neither could ever be called a cold front.  The last one was supposed to get us temperatures into the 40's but when it finally arrived we had lows into the upper 60's. That's a nice temperature range but not when you are hoping for the 40's.

This cold front promises to be much colder.  They are suggesting the upper 30's for tomorrow morning.  On the one hand I'm thrilled.  I love cold morning, especially when it's sunny and bright.  We don't have to discuss my dislike for 36 degrees and rain which is the coldest I've ever been - even colder than days of my youth when it was 20 degrees below zero.  But on the other hand, tomorrow is our day to demonstrate at Liendo Plantation at the Civil War Reenactment.  We'll be dressed up in hoop skirts and corsets with layer after layer of cotton and/or linen - we may have long johns under our pantoloons and opt for the long sleeved chemises instead of the short sleeved ones.  Regardless of what's on underneath we will be topped off with wonderful hand woven shawls.  We may have to covy up on the porch to block the wind.

Today, in anticipation of the colder temperatures, I put out 6 bales of hay.  Each and every shelter now has hay so the animals can take cover and huddle up with nice dry hay to munch on.  We have had some rain come through ahead of the cold front and they have all been running back and forth between shelters checking out which one is better.  I was mobbed by the goats when I went up to the top of the property this morning.  I had one goat in the back of the mule standing on the bales of hay and another one on the seat in front.  It was all I could do to get the hay out of the back of the mule and into the shelter without stepping on (or being knocked over by) another 4 or 5 goats.

I'm going to be checking out my thermal underwear tonight in anticipation of the cold day spent outside tomorrow.  Come and see us as Liendo Plantation, just outside of Hempstead, TX.  The battle starts at 2 pm but the gates open at 9 am so you can see the encampments, suttler's row of shops, the mansion and all the fun booths of food, Civil War era memorabelia and all of us demonstrators.