The Tour de Fleece 2023

Today is the day! The bicycle riders participating in the Tour de France have left the starting gate. This year's race started in Bilboa, Spain. It's the second time that the famous French race has started in Spain. Back in 1992 the race started in San Sebastian, Spain. The riders will ride most days, there are several rest days, and the course is not continuous. At the end, the riders will have traveled over 3400 km and end the race in Paris, as usual, on July 27th. 

We spinners have a similar race for the next 27 days. We will spin on our spindles or spinning wheels while that group of excellent athletes wends their way across France. We will try new things on the days where the bicyclists have hilly travel and go back to old favorites on the days when the route is flat. The days that provide rest of the bicyclists can be days when we rest also. Or we can keep spinning to get ahead of the pack.

Personally, I'm starting with spinning flax today. I love spinning this wonderful fiber although I haven't done it some time. It will be wet spun, as usual but will still be a challenge for me to remember all the tricks that I learned spinning flax in the past. A challenge but also lots of fun.