The Spring Fest in Sealy

The sky was bright and sunny.  The temperature was warm and delightful.   It was the perfect day to celebrate spring in Sealy, TX.  The Liedertafel Hall is a wonderful venue. Inside the hall there is a big open space of hard wood floor for all sorts of activities, pleasant bathrooms and a functioning kitchen.  Outside the building is a great yard with nice grass and big trees.  There is even ample parking.  But best of all we love talking to all the people who wander by.  Sometimes we see old friends or people we talked to in past years.  We always meet new people.

What is that?  <a spinning wheel>  What are you doing?  <making yarn>  Was the sheep pink or did you dye that?  <yes, we dyed this>

There were other vendors too.  The Bluebonnet Master Gardeners were there for their annual plant sale.  There were lots of folks pulling around metal wagons full of stunning roses.  You could buy funny and quirky signs and locally grown honey.  There was a hula hoop contest and an egg toss.  The Cub Scouts did a dunking booth and you could test your strength with a High Striker.  You could watch a vintage baseball game or check out the vintage cars that paraded into the parking lot and were parked so you could examine them.  There was lots to do and lots to see.

I'm not sure how long we have been doing this show.  I know it's been 5 or 6 years.  In the early years we were set up under a tree near several old buildings, including the old Sealy jail in a park east of the railroad tracks.  For the last several years we've been at the Liedertafel Hall.  We started off inside the hall which had it's good and bad points. We were safe from the weather but often being buffeted by the noise made it difficult to talk to people.  

This year we were outside under a huge tree.  It was lovely but we would have been happy to turn the wind down a notch or two.  I love the wind.  And with no rain and nice temperatures I hesitate to complain but the wind was gusting to over 20 miles per hour. That's an issue.  Our display of yarn and hand woven kitchen towels kept getting rearranged.  We were due to stay till 5 pm but in the end we packed it in a little early. We both felt like we had been beaten up by the constant wind.