The New Flatiron Spinning Wheel

It's been quite a while since Schacht came out with a new spinning wheel so when we first heard about the Flatiron we were excited and intrigued.  We have two of these beauties on order and have just been notified of the ship date.  Sometime about the first of September we should have them put together and be spinning along.

This wheel has several things that make it unique.  First it is shipped flat in a box and you put it all together when it arrives.  Because of the way it goes together, you can build it with the flyer on either the right or left side making it perfect no matter which hand you draft with.  The bearings in the maiden are self-aligning and the bobbins have a quick release.  This double treadle wheel can be set up as double drive, always my favorite, but also bobbin lead or flyer lead (Scotch). 

As usual with Schacht wheels, this one comes with extra bobbins, several whorls and both a poly and a cotton drive band.  No need to buy items you already have on your other Schacht wheels.  The whorls and bobbins from the Matchless and/or Lady Bug will fit this wheel perfectly.

This wheel doesn't look like any other which is also common with Schacht wheels.  I can hardly wait to get spinning on this wheel.  I'm sure it will be wonderful!


Double treadle

Spinning modes: Scotch, double drive, bobbin-lead

Spinning ratios: 4.6:1 to 26:1

Weight: 15 pounds

Drive wheel: 22 1/2”

Orifice height: 26”

Dimensions: 33” wide x 33” tall x 18” deep

Comes with 3 bobbins, medium and fast whorls, cotton and poly drive bands, threading hook.

Special features: Can be assembled with the flyer on the right or the flyer on the left. Packs flat for shipping.

The Saxony style Flatiron comes with everything you need to spin. Just add fiber.