The Latest News from the Livestock

I have received a new breaking news report from Pedy, our investigative reporter who is also our cat.  Here it is...

Good evening.  This is Pedy on location outside of Bernardo at the Nelson Ranch.

Today, rancher Ron Nelson, affectionately referred to as Noisy Man by all the livestock, was seen removing pokeberry plants from one of the pastures after it had been previously sprayed with Roundup.  I have come to understand that this plant is poisonous.  All the animals here were glad it was removed.

Pony Blue Steele said that he was not too worried about it even though it was growing in a pasture he recently called home.  “It really does not taste very good, so I just leave it alone even though it has lots of berries” he said.  I also talked to Harvard the goat and he indicated that the goat herd had no idea the bushes were there.

However, the biggest response to the removal came from the llamas and alpacas.  Llama Smokey said, “We have been really worried about those plants”.  “We still remember the oleander episode some years back when we lost one of our flock”.  The oleander is very poisonous and is sweet to the taste, especially once it is cut or trimmed.

The pokeberry has been taken to the burn pile and will be incinerated soon.

All animals on the ranch are happy with the changes

This is Pedy wishing you a good evening.