The Holidays are Fast Upon Us

I'm not sure what happened between my last blog on Nov 4th and now except that we have been delightfully, amazingly and exhaustingly busy.  My family has already had our Thanksgiving feast.  This is the holiday that most usually gets jostled around the calendar.  With extended family and all their plans and the normal trips of the long weekend, we often move our family get together to some other weekend.  There are deer leases to visit, hunting to be done, and for this year, a trip to Disney World so our Thanksgiving was a couple of weeks early.  We had a wonderful time and I opted for grilled turkey & cheese sandwiches so didn't have to spend all day in the kitchen.  It was wonderful and very liberating.

Close on the heels of our family gathering was another gathering that includes people we aren't related to by blood or marriage but are our family none the less.  That was Kid 'n Ewe in Boerne, TX.  We were sorry that several of the usual vendors weren't able to make it this year.  Hurricane Harvey hit so many of us in the fiber industry.  Peggy and I were very lucky to have no damage.  Many others weren't so lucky.  We were happy to see so many attendees for the show.  Even our leader, Grady Ingle, was able to make it.  His house in Rockport was severely damaged and we were happy to be able to give him our good wishes in person.  It was a fun show.  We were spoiled by have nearly twice as much space as our normal booth.  Several of us spread out to occupy space usually taken up by our friends who couldn't make it.  

Yesterday, Peggy and I were demonstrating at Liendo Plantation in Hempstead, TX for their Civil War weekend.  The weather was wonderful, warm but not too warm and breezy.  The skies clouded up several times but we never had any rain.  There were lots of reenactors and lots of kids asking great questions of us.  

And now Thanksgiving is coming up this week.  Sky Loom Weavers will be open for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Sunday our regular hours 10 am to 4 pm.  I will be here on Cyber Monday so even though we aren't officially open, just call if you want to come by.  We will be packing up and sending out orders through the website like we always do.  We will be closed Christmas Day but open Friday Dec. 23rd, Saturday Christmas Eve and Monday Boxing Day.  We will also be closed New Year's Day but open on New Year's Eve.  It's all on our calendar at the bottom of the first page of this website.

We hope to see you between now and Christmas!  We can help with presents for family and friends as well as teachers.