Taking Pictures

As I have said before, Peggy and I share the responsibilities for maintaining Sky Loom Weavers.  Part of her job is to reskein all the yarn we dye.  Part of my job is to take that beautifully reskeined yarn and get it tagged and photographed and up on the website. It's a little hard to sell what isn't on the website.


This past Tuesday at our Katy Spinners meeting, Peggy gave me two big bags of yarn that she had reskeined.  And all of it done since our Sunday dye day.  She had been working hard at the skein winder!


I figured it would only take me a couple of minutes to get it all on the website.  This was mostly our hand dyed commercial yarn.  Getting the tagging done for the commercial yarn is dead easy.  We have sheets of the tags already printed and Peggy usually names the colors while she is reskeining.  All I need to do is put the tags together, tie a tag on each skein, take a picture of each color and do a little photoshopping and I'm done.  Easy!


Or maybe not.  This time was not one of my most efficient.  I kept finding things that needed to be addressed along the way.  I immediately ran out of stamped shipping tags.  I love our shipping tags and stamping some more isn't difficult but it does take a little time.  Then I discovered of the 12 different colors of Splendor we had in stock, only one had ever been photographed.  Well, rats.  Adding in the four new colors that is 15 colors that need to be photographed.  Again, not difficult but it takes some time.  Once I got all the Splendor finished I moved on to the Goddess Sport.  Well, rats.  None of the 10 existing colors had been photographed.  Plus the 3 more we just dyed.


So the "I can get this done in just a few minutes" project has taken me a day and a half. It needs to be done in general, of course, but in this case it needs to be done now.  We will be packing up for the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference the middle of next week and I have lots to do before then.  Peggy will have more reskeined yarn for me.  All our beautiful newly dyed Panda fiber needs to be measured, bagged and tagged.  And then there is that tub of handspun yarn that needs to be described and measured and photographed.  

All those things you put off for later don't manage to get themselves done all on their own.  I better get back to work.