I remember having a whole closet full of sweaters growing up. Chicago has a long cold winter so sweaters are valuable.  I don't remember many of those sweaters specifically.  I know I wore a sweater that belonged to my dad for years after he died. I remember one silly short sleeved sweater that was a bright clear yellow. It's funny what you remember. Sweaters and wool slacks, fur lined boots and gloves, warm winter coat with a hood.  That was the winter style of my younger days.

We went through our stock of sweaters last month.  I was tired of opening the cedar chest and having to paw through lots of clothes we didn't wear to find what I was looking for.  I tried on every sweater I owned and put them in the obvious piles - Keep and Give Away. My give away pile was taller than my keep pile. Then I insisted that my husband do the same.  One of the sweaters he decided to part with was one he wore in high school.  I know he wore it a lot when we were dating in college. But the real estate of a single cedar chest is too valuable to fill with things you don't use.  Most of the time we don't need them either.  Except when we do.

So here we are in our very own polar vortex.  It's plenty cold right now and will be getting colder through the end of the coming week. At this point I'm wearing a different sweater each day. If the cold weather lasts as long as they predict, I'll wear each one a second time before we get some warmer weather.  


Two of the sweaters are ones that I made.  The fisherman's knit is one I knit years ago.  I think the kids were little back then so we're talking at least 25 years ago.  Did I knit this one when we lived in Tulsa?  I'm not sure.  I think so.  So maybe it's 35 years old but very warm and it fits me nicely.  I did a short bit of repair of a moth hole in the collar but other than that it's nearly brand new.  On the other hand, the vest I just finished knitting last month.

My husband bought me the brown cotton sweater for Christmas one year.  He bought me the green Irish wool sweater for Christmas another year. He has great taste and I always love the clothes he buys for me.

The navy and white sweater I got in Anchorage, AK a few years back.  I wanted a Norwegian sweater and that was a great place to find one.

So, that is the full extent of my sweater collection.  I love them all.  They all fit me well and are comfortable to wear.  I'm working on a beautiful sweater by Kate Davies right now and I have all the yarn for a second try at the Wave Cardigan when I finish so I may be adding to my sweater stash very soon.