Super Pony

There comes a time in the spring when ponies just need to be trimmed.  Welsh ponies have no end of hair.  Trimming them for a show always took work.  We never body clipped any of ours but their legs needed to be trimmed up, their bridal paths and their manes needed help to look stunning.  Steele never minded any of that.  He was never happy about the clippers in his ears but that isn't something we do now. We haven't showed any ponies in many years now but come the spring you still need to make them comfortable.

Steele is 23 years old now.  That's not terribly old for a Welsh Pony but it's still old.  It took me a while to get him trimmer up with scissors but he is much happier now. Of course, it would have taken only a few minutes if I had a very long extension cord for the clippers but it's been so many years since we showed that I don't even have clippers anymore.  

He could do with a bath but that probably won't happen anytime real soon.  In the meantime he prettier but more importantly, he is cooler.

And now he has his super pony fly mask!