Summer Update - Nearly July 1st

We are at the end of June, about to begin July.  I thought it was time to do a garden update.  Here goes...

The tomatoes are blooming. We were late in planting them so no fruit yet.

The cotton is blooming. Three of the types of seed are doing great.  The others, not so much.  The flax was a complete dud this year.  I think I'll stop trying to plant flax.  I have never had it come up.

The azaleas we moved out of my front garden to the outer yard are mostly doing fine.  We moved 13 large shrubs and at this point 11 of them are doing great.  The other two are clearly stressed and have been getting extra water.  They are on the downhill slide so may not make it.

The crepe myrtles are starting to bloom.  They are looking colorful and happy but will look even better in a week or two.

Many of my roses are happily blooming.

The bottlebrush is busy attracting bees and butterflies.

The grass is getting very long and our tractor is in the shop.  We may need machetes by the time it's repaired.

We have had plenty of rain this past week, including some wild thunderstorms, so everything looks green.  The humidity is here in full force and now we have dust from the Sahara to also contend with.  Yes, it's summer in Houston.