Summer Update - August

Yikes.  It's already August.  It seems like we have been in lockdown for years or maybe only for moments.  Time has become an interesting phenomenon that sometimes streaks ahead, sometimes loops back on itself and sometimes plays dead.


Despite our unusual happenings, the seasons proceed as they ought.  The gardenias are blooming again.


The crepe myrtle has grown glorious and is now calming down.


The azalea bushes that we moved last winter are mostly still doing great.  Except for the two that struggled from the beginning.

Our front garden is getting extra watering in all this heat and only looks the better for it.  The rudbeckia is blooming!

Recently, I got a call from a wonderful customer who bought out almost all our remaining dried marigolds.  She really wants more and I hadn't planted any this spring.  She sent me some seeds and I bought some of my own so now we have a garden bin of marigold seedlings.  I am hopeful we will get flowers before we see cold weather.


While I was ordering seeds I also got some watermelon and pumpkin seeds.  The watermelon seedlings are up.  The pumpkins should get planted this coming weekend. I'll let you know how that goes. 

We hauled our tractor into the dealer for an overhaul. Despite the price tag, I'm pleased to have it back and running beautifully.  Ron has been busy mowing.  We keep getting nice rain which encourages the grass to Ron has been busy mowing.

It's been hot and humid so I have spent lots of time in the studio. My enthusiasm and motivation have left me at times.  I've still been busy but flitting more from job to job, from project to project so it seems like I haven't done anything.  Next time I'll talk about what's on the looms.