Standing Water

We have had 12 inches of rain so far in May. That’s not a record-breaking number but it is significant. If we still lived in our old house in Simonton, we would be in a world of mud and muck. Our house out here in Cat Spring sits on a gentle slope and the soil has a high percentage of sand so water drains very efficiently here. Usually, the ground is dry within only a few minutes after it stops raining. A full foot of rain over a few short weeks changes that. We have standing water. We never have standing water. Well, we did during the 25” of rain we got in 4 days from Hurricane Harvey, but other than that, no.

We were doing fine up until recently. I went out to feed the pony a couple of evenings ago and rather than walking in the rain, I drove the mule over to the pasture gate. At first, I thought I had left the hose running in the water trough because there was standing water next to the fence. No, I had not left any water running. As I looked around, I realized there was standing water pretty much everywhere. And we keep getting more rain.

Much of central Texas and most of west Texas have been dealing with drought conditions. I hope all this rain has corrected that situation. I’m fairly sure it has for us here in central Texas. I hope west Texas was getting their fair share of this.

And it’s raining again. They say we should get some clearing by the end of the week so Memorial Day weekend will be nice. I hope so. I love the rain, but I would be incredibly happy with a bit of sun.