Spring Update - Late April

Fortunately, despite all the virus related craziness, spring is proceeding as it ought to.  Not quite so many things in bloom now and the deluge of tree pollen is becoming much lighter.  Those of us with spring tree pollen allergies are finally able to breath more and sneeze less.


The crepe myrtle and pecan trees are leafing out and looking more and more like their normal summer lushness.


Even the small evergreen shrubs are putting out new leaves and bulking up.

The early spring wildflowers are past now but the longer lasting ones, like coreopsis, are still shining.

The weeds along the fence lines are happy.  We have had plenty of nicely timed rain to keep everything green and growing.

We have several plants that are new to me this year.  Oak leaf hydrangeas make me happy and the little henry is sporting stems of wonderful small flowers.

The 4 o'clocks are not blooming yet but they are up and growing.

The roses have already gone through several bloom cycles and should be full of fragrant flowers again soon.

The ferns in the back garden are up and happy and lush.  Lots of hiding and hunting space for the snakes.  It's why we don't walk through the ferns and don't let the kids play in there.

And the arbor is so full of blooming jasmine that you can smell it from across the property.  It's wonderful!

Have a happy spring and enjoy it the best you can!