Spring Update - 1st of April

Regardless of pandemics or politics, news or views, spring marches on.  We had a wonderful cool front come through yesterday morning which has dropped us well below normal temps for a couple of days.  We have already a couple of 90 degrees days so a nice cool front is appreciated even before we get into the worst of the summer heat and humidity.  My husband and I sat out on our side porch for coffee this morning wearing sweatshirts.  Sweatshirts!  Magnificent.

The roses are working hard to impress.

The pecan trees are leafing out.  It seems early to me but it's probably right on schedule.

The fringe tree is working hard to bring joy to the world.

All in all, spring is proceeding nicely.  Thank you to Mother Nature for respite from other craziness.  I will let you know what else is blooming as we move inexorably towards summer.