Spring Flowers

A couple of weeks ago I talked about spring peeking out.  This week it is well and truly here.  Every day there seems to be more and more plants in bloom.  It's been warming up some but not yet hot so we still have some winter plants happily blooming - petunias and snapdragons are still doing nicely.  They will fade as the temperature ramps up.

The pittosporum is budding out with new foliage as are the grasses and the roses.  We do have a few rose blooms showing up but the real winners of this early spring time are the fruit trees suddenly covered with flowers and the shrubs that look like white mounds.


The plums and the peach are all covered with blooms.

And those wonderful mounds of greenery are now white hills.  I should know the names of all these plants since we were involved with picking them and having them planted but their names are lost to me.

It is so startlingly beautiful to see everything in bloom.  I expect it every spring but am still amazed and enchanted.