Spring Dye Day

Peggy was here Sunday and we dyed up a storm!  We hadn't dyed cotton blend yarn in a while so worked hard to get all our white inventory of Monte Carlo and Penelope changed into wonderful bright colors. We also dyed some wool yarn, Goddess Sport, Kona Coast and Splendor to round out our color options.

And we dyed up some wonderful Panda fiber.  No, it's not actually Panda, it's superwash Merino wool, rayon of bamboo and nylon.  Think of it as the perfect fiber to spin into the perfect yarn to knit into the perfect socks!  We only had a few 4 ounce bumps of Panda left and while they are all beautiful, then tend towards pastel colors rather than bold and bright.  So our latest colors are definitely bold and bright.

On another note - If you have been looking at our Kalispell or Kid Loom yarn but have put off buying it, now is the time for you to jump on it.  We are in the process of cutting back the number of yarn lines we maintain and these are now on clearance.  Check out the website for all the colors at half price.