Spring Cleaning.... Sort of

I have been doing a bit of downsizing. Or maybe we could call it spring cleaning. Or maybe its just a matter of rehoming some wonderful things that I'm not really using to their supreme potential.

I have sold my wonderful Wyatt spinning wheel. She was a beauty - easy to spin on, gorgeous to watch. The only downsides to this wonderful wheel were her footprint - fairly large - and the difficulty in moving her around. There was no way to move the wheel in my car or my husband's truck without taking it apartMoving the wheel across the room was easy enough but from my studio to my house would have been a fair amount of work. And sitting in my studio, as she did, meant I didn't spin on her much at all except when a customer wanted a demonstration. This wheel deserved a new home with someone who would use it regularly. Laura bought the wheel and loves it. 

I also sold the Tools of the Trade loom I bought a couple of years ago to save it from going to the landfill. I never intended to keep this loom since I have more than enough floor looms to keep me busy, but it turned out to be a sturdy loom with lots more weaving to do. Olga and her husband came by yesterday and tried it, took it apart and loaded it up for the ride back to the Dallas area. Olga is a fairly new weaver so I loaded her up with some additional tools she would need - a copy of Deborah Chandler's Learning to Weave and Strickler's 8 Shaft Weaving Patterns along with a couple of shuttles. I think she is going to do a great job of using this loom and creating lots of wonderful fabric.

I'm so pleased that the loom and the wheel have gone to wonderful new homes with great people. And with both of them gone, my studio is much less claustrophobic and I get to move some furniture around!