Project Bags

I never used to need project bags.  Well, maybe one project bag.  I was always a monogamous knitter, only working on a single project at any one time.  Peggy, on the other hand, has always been a knitting slut.  She always has several projects going at once - at least one easy knit for the bus and at least one more complicated knit for home.  

Peggy has rubbed off on me.  Now I have lots and lots of project bags.  Part of the blame can also be assigned to the amazing bag makers we keep seeing at our vendor events.  How can you not buy bags made out of such cute material?

I was looking for a specific project recently and started pulling things out of the front closet.  I may have fiber stashed everywhere throughout the house and studio but most of my knitting, whether I'm actively working on it or not, resides in the front closet.  At this point I have no memory of what I was looking for but what I found was an amazing treasure trove of superb yarn that I have bought from wonderful vendors in the last few years.  Maybe a stash clean-out is needed?

Christina Garton talked about a spring stash clean-out in her blog on Interweave back on 2/7/19.  Yes, yes.  I know.  Take out all your stash of yarn and look at it carefully.  Do you really love it?  Are you likely to ever actually knit it up?  It's a hard conversation to have with your stash.

I did manage to do some culling.  This cotton/linen lace weight I intended to knit up into a shirt for me?  That shirt will never happen.  I don't do clothing well and it's lace weight so it's not likely to ever rise to the top of the pile.  But I could weave with it!!  Yes!  So this lovely yarn has been moved from my knitting stash to my weaving stash.  And there was some yarn that just needs to go away.  It's nice but unlikely to ever make it to the needles much less get finished.  It will all go into the sale bin for Kid 'n Ewe in November.

It turns out I have nearly 20 project bags but I'm still three or four short.  Crap.  Looks like I will need to shop for a couple more bags at the Kellyville, OK show in a couple of weeks.