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Spinning Wheel Sale

We love our spinning wheels but sometimes there are just too many of them.  We have two LadyBug spinning wheels by Schacht Spindle Company, here that would really love to go home with you.  One of them has been used as a demonstration wheel here in the studio and at shows.  The second LadyBug is still in her box.  We are pricing these jewels to move.   Take 20% off the price and either one of these could be yours.  We do have the original box for our demonstration wheel so both these wheels could be easily shipped to you although the buyer will have to pay for shipping.

We also have two FlatIron spinning wheels by Schacht Spindle Company on sale.  These are both in their original boxes and need to be assembled by the buyer.  Remember you can build this baby with the flyer on either side so it is just exactly what you want!  I have built one and the printed instructions along with the videos make it a fun evening.  Take 20% off the price and either one of these could be yours.  These could also easily be shipped to you but you will need to pay for shipping.

In addition to the four new spinning wheels listed above we have two gently used spinning wheels for sale also.  The Ashford Joy II is listed at $800 and includes the padded carrying case and the jumbo flyer and bobbin. Because this wheel folds up so compactly and has it's own padded case, shipping is easy.  Just remember the buyer will pay for shipping.

The Rick Reeves Norwegian style wheel includes it's own lazy kate.  The price for this wonderful wheel is $1500.  Of all these wheels, this is the one I do not want to ship.  You could pick the wheel up here at the studio or I would be happy to meet you within a two hour drive from here.

If any of these wheels strike your fancy they are already priced properly on the website.  Be sure and call with any questions - 979-733-8120.