Skunk Protocol.... Again.

I looked back at all my blogs and discovered that I have told you about our interactions with skunks five times in the last seven years.  Today makes six times.  That averages out to a skunk report about every 14 months.  Of course, the skunks are only on the move in the spring and fall but you get the idea.  

I went out to feed the animals Friday morning and smelled that wretched musky skunk smell that means there is one nearby but it hasn't sprayed anything yet.  It is not my favorite smell but certainly better than the wretched gaggy chemical smell of the spray.  Ah, yes.  Skunks are a smelly bunch.

So we started the skunk protocol.  Turn on all the lights in the barn and crank up the radio to nearly obnoxious levels.  Fortunately, neither my neighbors nor my husband and I are close enough to the barn all day and night to be bothered by the lights or the sound level.  Hopefully, the skunk will be bothered by both and wander on it's way.  It has always worked in the past.