Skunk Protocol

We have lots of skunks out here in our little part of heaven in the country.  And we live in rabies-central for Colorado County, Texas.  No, that wasn't listed in the information about this house when we bought it.

This time of year the skunks are on the move.  The boys are looking for a really good time and so are the girls.  Procreation must go on.  And I think we have a skunk under the last few bales of hay in my barn.  There is a musky skunk specific smell at that end of my barn that I noticed Sunday evening.

Skunks crave the dark and the quiet so I am trying to make it's little life miserable by keeping the lights on and blaring music on the radio.  Our strongest local station is in Spanish so that's what's playing.  They play some great music but I'm glad no one except the skunk has to listen to it blaring all night long.  I might get a nasty letter from the homeowners association if I still lived in a subdivision. 

This is not my first skunk rodeo so I'm confident this will work.  At least, it did last time I had a black and white "cat" living in the barn.  Yes, I thought it was a cat when I saw flashes of fur and was truly surprised to discover it was a skunk.  The lights and loud music convinced it to move on.  Both will stay on for the next couple of weeks.