Sib Soap

Lori Talbott does great soap.  She makes the goat's milk soap we pair with our linen face cloths.  I picked up 33 bars of soap from her yesterday and boy oh boy does my studio smell wonderful!  The face cloths are not always 100% linen since we occasionally use some cotton also but all are woven on a linen warp.  I'm pleased to say they sell like hotcakes.  They are the perfect hostess gift, a gift for your child's teacher or for any occasion.  

I'm almost finished with the 15 yard run of these face cloths.  As you can see, I'm winding layer after layer of finished fabric around the cloth beam of my loom.  They should be off the loom and getting washed by this time tomorrow.  Then I'll cut the fabric up into individual face cloths and they'll be pressed, hemmed, tagged and ready to go.