Shave 'Em 2 Save 'Em

The Livestock Conservancy is an old organization that we are just getting to know.  The Conservancy's mission is " To protect endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction”  Within this simple goal, the Livestock Conservancy has recently created the Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em Initiative.  This program is aimed specifically at sheep and their wool.  That would be totally up our ally!  The plan is to recognize fiber artists for using wool from rare sheep breeds.  It will also help to connect shepherds with customers.  The hope is to make raising heritage breeds more profitable.

This is pretty cool.  Now, I don't have any animals that are on the heritage breed list.  All my animals - goats, llamas, pony - are from common breeds that aren't in any danger of dying out.  But we do sell Shetland wool which is on the Conservancy's list.  So we have joined the Livestock Conservancy and we will be participating in the Shave 'Em to Save 'Em Initiative.

Here is how the initiative works.  We, as sellers of animals or products from the list of endangered species, have joined the Conservancy and made them aware of what we have for sale.  You, as a fiber artist, can also join the Conservancy for a $15 fee.  They will send you a "passport" that you can fill with "stamps" from those of us who sell rare breed fiber.  As you complete projects with the rare breed wool, you can post them to Ravelry and Facebook and earn items from the Conservancy.  We have no idea quite yet what the awards will be but at least they should be lots of fun.  The hope is to give all those rare breed sheep a job - keep growing wool for all the new fiber artists who will try and enjoy and love the wool!  Very cool.

The Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta is coming up this weekend.  Please come by our booth for wonderful Shetland wool and check out all the other vendors for rare breed wool and collect lots of stamps in your passport! 

Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta

Seguin/Guadalupe County Coliseum

Seguin, Texas 78155

Friday, May 3, 2019

Saturday May 4, 2019