September... bummer...

Usually I love September.  We never start to really cool down until at least October but I remember the September of my childhood up north with the leaves turning colors and the mornings turning crisp.  That's not how it is here but I always know that fall is coming even if we haven't seem much evidence yet.

This year I really want September to go away.  It's only the end of the first week and I've already lost two of my wonderful animals.  Parker, one of my Angora goats, died of heat stroke at the very end of August.  Stash, the llama, died just this past Thursday.  At least with Parker we know what happened.  He succumbed to the horrible heat and humidity we have been having, seemingly unrelentingly.  The jury is still out on Stash.  My vet did a necropsy and didn't find much out of order.  He has sent samples off to be evaluated and hopefully we will know something definitive next week.  At least I hope so.  I would like an answer.

For now the heat continues.  We haven't been under a heat advisory in the last week but the daytime highs are all up around 100 degrees with nighttime lows in the 70's.  I'm well over it.  Time for frosty mornings and maybe some snow.