Schacht for Christmas

It is almost November which means we need to get ready for Christmas shopping.  I've already started - actually I started earlier this summer by picking up some fun items as I ran across them in the stores.  I hate Christmas shopping in general but I love finding that perfect something for the people I love.

If the person you love is a spinner or a weaver, here is something to keep in mind.  We have lots of things in stock and ready to ship to you.  This list includes Cricket Looms in both the 10" and 15" sizes, Loom bags in both sizes, variable heddle kits and heddles in all the sizes, Zoom Looms and Inkle Looms, boat shuttles and end feed shuttles, stick shuttles in lots of sizes along with Ladybug Spinning Wheels and the new and fabulous Flatiron Spinning Wheel.  That leaves quite a few items that we would need to order for you.

For all those things we don't have in stock, we are coming to the point where you need to order them if you want them here for Christmas.  Here is the list with what the turn around time is from order to shipping.

Sidekick and Matchless Spinning Wheels - 3 weeks

Baby Wolf, Mighty Wolf and Standard Looms - 4 weeks

Schacht Reeves Spinning Wheel - 6 weeks

Flip Looms - 6 weeks

Wolf Pup Looms - 8 weeks

Table Looms - 8 weeks


Cranbrook Looms - Oops!  It's already too late to order one for Christmas.  If you order this wonderful loom on Monday October 31st it will ship out to you on or about January 21st.

Be sure to let us know if you want to order something.  Or call with any questions you have about any Schacht products.  We are enthusiastic about Schacht and will help you pick the perfect gift!