Saori Loom For Sale - SOLD!

I bought my Saori loom in 2012 after seeing one at a spinning retreat in Louisiana.  I was smitten.  It is truly the friendliest loom I've ever seen.  I bought the whole ball of wax - the two harness counterbalance loom (SX-60H), free standing warping board, a total of five reeds, an inside set which allows two people to weave on the same loom each using their own warp, heddle frames and reed, heddle frame holders so you can thread the heddles sitting at your desk rather than crouching at the loom and a cross holder which is perfect if you wind your warps on the warping board.

If there was an accessory available I snapped it up.  I have the bobbin holder that sits on the castle of the loom next to the attached bobbin winder.  I have an extra beater that has a wave formation on it's edge so you can beat the weft in for a scalloped shape. I have extra shuttles for a total of three.  And extra bobbins.  The sley hook and heddle hook are included.

And then there are the warps.  You can buy pre-wound warps from Saori and I have seven of them from scarf width of 4.25" up to 20" wide.  The warps are all wound on a square cardboard tube that fits over the warp beam.  Because of this construction, you can weave your warp to the end or you can remove it as necessary for another weaver or for a different project for yourself and then easily put it back on.  Six of these warps are cotton including black, natural white/beige, mustard yellow/gold, boucle.  There is one additional warp that's silk.  It's a great selection.  And there is an eighth warp on the loom.  I've woven some of it off but there is still lots left to play with.

I've used this loom for workshops - in particular one on ikat - and it worked great.  The loom folds up and goes into a carry bag so it's easy to transport.  I've used this loom for demonstrations - we did the Katy Folk Life Festival just recently and it was a huge success.

My original plan for the loom was as a teaching tool.  The full inside set would allow two students to weave on the same loom and we could store one student's work while the other was weaving.  It's a great plan!  But we don't really teach very much weaving here at the studio.  We teach lots of classes on the road at various fiber festivals and always on the Cricket looms.

My big looms both have a 40" or greater weaving width.  I love that size loom. Whether I'm weaving scarves or kitchen towels, curtains or bath towels, I'm happier with that width.  The Saori has a 22" weaving width.  It's a very useful width but it doesn't make my heart sing.

So the bottom line is that this loom, much as I love it, needs to go to another weaver.  I checked the current prices and I have about $4100 worth of Saori.  I'm willing to let it all go for $2800.00.

Let me know if you are interested.  We plan to bring it to the Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta in Seguin, TX April 21st- 22nd.  Come have a look at it.