Repair and Reuse

I have been weaving kitchen towels for a long time now. I think it's been about 20 years of fun creating useful items. Much as I would like to think that I remember everything I've made, some old towels can surprise me.


At the end of last year, my wonderful daughter-in-law asked me if I could do some repair work on some towels I had given them. Well, of course I could. I didn't know what to expect since I couldn't remember which of my many kitchen towels had ended up living at their house. What she handed me could only be described as well-used, well-loved cloth rags. They weren't in tatters but the hems were a mess and the cloth was thin.


Of course, I remember these! I cut off the ragged hems and re-hemmed them. That was really all they needed. I was so pleased that these simple towels that had been so well washed and well used, were still wanted and loved. They wanted to keep them and use them some more even though they could just as easily dumped them in the trash.

It's nice to see just how long my weaving can last when it is hard used. I'm thrilled! And, yes, my son and daughter-in-law will be getting new kitchen towels in the future. Maybe for Christmas.