Rearranging Furniture

It all started as it usually does.  We packed up the trailer a week ago Sunday morning. Well, actually, Peggy packed up the trailer.  I just did the fetch & carry, handing her what she wanted when she wanted it.  We each have our own well established place in this process.  As soon as we finished and Peggy was headed home, I dragged out the vacuum cleaner to clean up the studio.  This is the perfect time to do it with all the yarn, fiber, tools, finished goods and display items carefully packed up in the trailer. The next step is to start moving furniture.  It is a slippery slope.  Now I'm working on a complete rearrangement of everything in the studio.  Yes, this has happened before.

I love rearranging furniture.  It may be a lot of work but it gives me access to all the dust bunnies living in the dark spaces underneath.  More importantly, it allows me to prioritize my work space.  And it gives my studio a completely different look.  What was once on the forefront of my consciousness is now on the back burner so all that paraphernalia can be moved away.  Not thrown away, of course, just moved out of the center of my focus.

What better time is there to rearrange the furniture than when an entire trailer full of stuff is now in the trailer?  We are all packed and loaded for next weekend's fiber festival in Seguin, TX. More about the show later.

Will the Louet loom work over here?  Yes, but what do I do about the electric cord? Run it under the loom?  Hmmmm.  I can move the spinning chair and big spinning wheel over here.  Or not.  If I move the Gilmore loom out a little bit more, I can see out the window while I weave.  Wait!  I have a great idea.  Let's move my desk to the other side of the room and move two yarn displays and our entire library to this side of the room.  Really?  Is that a good idea?  I haven't had my desk over there in years.  Maybe there was a good reason I moved it over here.  

I can see right now that this will take some time.  I just need to be finished by the time we leave for Seguin on Thursday.

About the fiber festival.  This is Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta at the Guadalupe County Coliseum in Seguin, TX, April 21st and 22nd.  It's a wonderful facility with good climate control, great bathrooms, easy and abundant parking, friendly people and fabulous vendors. This may be one of our last big set-ups.  For most of the time we have been doing shows we have opted for a double booth.  That usually means 10' by 20'.  It's a great size with lots of room to show off our wonderful inventory.  But it's also a huge amount of work. Over the last couple of years we have been slowly downsizing our booth space at most all our venues to a more manageable size.  The savings in wear and tear on our bodies is significant.  Where are all those children we birthed? They would be a wonderful help if they didn't have lives and spouses and children of their own.

 <Time passes.  We go to the show, have a great time and come home.>

Today is Wednesday.  We have been home from the show since Sunday morning and I have spent all the time since then moving furniture and cleaning out.  There is nothing like rearranging your entire world to show you the stuff you have stashed away because you weren't using it.  Oh, yeah.  All those spindles I've collected but don't use. Yup, they need to go up on the website.  I found four spindles with silk singles that just needed to be plied.  Yup.  I did that.  I moved my big heavy desk across the room and discovered there is no internet connection over there.  I think I remember that from the last time I did this so I had to move it back.  I moved the Louet loom around and it ended up back where it was before.  I pulled everything out from under the kitchen counter.  And I pulled everything out from under the bathroom counter.  All of that stuff got rearranged and reorganized and now I'm putting it all back differently.

I love doing this but it's time to be finished now.  I have two looms full of kitchen towels and two upcoming projects impatiently waiting in line to start.  And I haven't actually unloaded the trailer yet.  I better get busy!