Purple Day

I have talked about dyeing my hair various random bright colors - think blue, green, fuschia - for years.  Finally back in December I took the plunge and dyed my hair blue.  I was aiming at a nice rich indigo blue but did not stick my head in an indigo vat.  My hairdresser did a great job.  Only it turned out to be a light violet.  Interesting.

In January and again in February I dyed my hair blue.  After we got the violet out of the way, I got a nice rich blue.  Then in March I decided to go in a different direction.  I thought there would be enough blue left in my hair that I might get teal if I went with green dye.  I ended up with a blue that leaned a little bit towards green.  Better than nothing but not as interesting as I had hoped.

My plan was in April I would try the green again and see if we could get to green.  Well, for obvious reasons that didn't happen.  Everything got closed down by our stay at home orders.

I missed my early April hair appointment and since then my hair just continued to get longer and greyer.  Most all the blue/green was completely gone by this week.  I miss my fun colors!

So I ordered some hair dye to do myself at home.  What on earth was I thinking?!?

Notes to self:

<The hairdresser has years of experience and makes it look easy even when it obviously isn't.>

<Purple hair dye will dye stainless steel and granite.>

<We really should have hired a photographer to record this morning's adventure.>

Thank you to my husband Ron who pulled on plastic gloves and helped get the hair dye on the back of my head.  He also helped when it came to washing the goop out of my hair in the sink.

I ended up with purple hands, streaks of purple down the back of my neck, across my shoulders and in my ears.  My face came out OK as did my hair.  It is well and truly purple.  I love it.  Next month it will probably be blue again.  We'll see.