This is the time of year for roses and other perennials to get pruned. Full disclosure here, we don't do the pruning.  Our landscapers are wonderful and do a fabulous job of keeping all the trees and plants growing, fertilized, trimmed, pruned and watered. But whether I'm holding the pruning shears or not, I love the process of trimming away all the dead old growth so that the plant can come back strong in the spring. With the transition of 2020 into 2021, that seems all the more important.

We still have colorful flowers but you sure can see more of the ground in all areas of the front garden, back yard and around the buildings.  It's good to leave plenty of area for new growth and the new planting which will come much later in the spring.

We have only had a few mornings below freezing so far this winter.  It's been remarkably mild but they are predicting colder weather in the next week.  We aren't through with winter quite yet.