Prickly Problems

I'm only thinking of a single prickly problem right now.  Yes, it's sand burrs.

If these sharp nasty bits were a tasty topping for a salad or wonderful stewed up in a fragrant wine sauce, I would be a wealthy woman.  We would have a cash crop!


But no.  They are not.  They are sharp nasty bits that get attached to your jeans or your skin for that matter.  They ride around on your shoes and spread everywhere.  They hide in the grass until this time of year when they sprout the sharp burrs.

It is only now that I see how bad our infestation really is.  Yes, that is my hand holding that lovely bouquet of sand burrs.  I managed to stab myself several times and then drop just enough of the ripe dry ones on the floor and step on them.  Yikes.  I don't think I will pull up a bouquet of them again.

We have not yet found the perfect pour-on or spray-on and yet non-toxic chemical to make these easily go away.  Nope.  The answer is mow, mow, mow and pull up what you find.  Hard but worthwhile work.