Power Washing

I have spent part of each day this week power washing.  The plan was to do the back deck on Monday, the front porch on Tuesday and today I would finish up with the dye shed and the studio porches.  This was all in the expectation of a cool front arriving on Thursday.  Hmmmm.  Well, none of that went to plan.  The cool front is still expected to be here but now we can expect three cool mornings with the highs a bit cooler than our current 90's but certainly not the cold front we were hoping for.

Monday I only got half the back deck finished.  Tuesday I finished the back deck along with the cement "porch" of Ron's office.  Today I did the carport.  And now I'm done. Power washing is hard work and I really don't have the stamina I used to.  I think part of why it is so exhausting is the noise.  It might be equivalent to using a snow-blower for those of you in the cold north although I'm not sure of that comparison.  Back in the days of my youth when I lived in the cold north all the snow removeal was done by kids with snow shovels.  There was usually some whining, at least at our house, but no real noise other than that.

I don't remember anybody power washing anything when I was young but that may be because power washers weren't common.  In our climate here in Texas they are a real necessity.  We have so little cold weather that mold and mildew and algae grow pretty much year round.  They tend to trap dust and dirt and grit along the way and leave everything trimmed in green - the porch, the railings, the benches, the cement.

I finished what power washing I could and went off for a nice hot shower.   I'll go back to it sometime next week when the temperatures have bounced back from our 48 hours of cool.