Power Washer

I love my power washer.  It's loud and dirty and hard work but I love being able to wash off the layers of dirt and grime and mostly the green scum of algae that we get on everything in this climate.

We have had our power washer for years.  I only use it once or twice a year but it always produces a lovely clean glow to the front porch, the back deck and all the cement.  I'm always completely drenched by the time I'm finished - from sweat and from the over-spray, so it is a task best taken on when the weather is hot.

I didn't get anything power washed last year because of my broken ankle.  By the time I was fit enough to make it happen we were edging into fall.  But we are well into summer now so it's time.  Except our power washer has died.  Ron worked on it for several days but it is well and truly dead.  OK.  We just need to rent one.

That's what we did this past week.  Foolishly, I was certain I could get it all done in one day.  Well, no.  Did I mention how much hard work it is?  On Wednesday afternoon I got the dye shed done.  I started on the back deck but quickly realized in order to get all the green scum off the railings I was going to end up taking off the paint too.  Ron worked on the white picket fence around the front garden and we called it a day.  Thursday we had to get the power washer back to the rental company in Katy by 1 pm so we were up early.

Ron got the front fence finished and after the adventure of the escaped llamas, I did the porches and screens of my studio.  I'm thrilled with how the dye shed and studio look. I love it when the cement sparkles in the sunlight!  The front porch and back deck of the house never got done but I've decided maybe that's a job for the painters.  If getting all the green scum off means the paint is coming off too, it's only right that the painters be involved.