Post-Christmas Clean Up

We have been on a temperature roller coaster this month.  Just ten days ago we had our first freeze with 1/4 to 1/2" of ice on the water troughs.  The cold didn't last for long.  The lead up to Chirstmas and through that weekend it was warm and balmy with temperatures in the upper 70's and lower 80's with high humidity.  The weather was fine just not very Christmas-like.   Last night we got a nice little cool front come through that dropped this morning from t-shirt to sweatshirt weather. The humidity has dropped and the strong north wind has cooled everything off.  It's a nice sunny cool day.

Peggy and her husband have already put away all their Christmas decorations but we are lagging a bit.  Growing up we always left the decorations up well into January. While we won't do that, I expect it will be closer to new years when we get them down.  I like the Christmas lights on all the buildings but I don't want to be that crazy old lady who keeps her Christmas lights up all year long.

It looks like we will start 2017 well and happy.  All our kids and grandkids are doing well.  All the animals seem fat and happy.  They all mobbed the hay rack when I loaded it with hay this morning.  I had resisted putting hay out the last few days because of the chances of rain.  I needn't have worried but I hate wasting hay by letting it sit out in the rain.