Plants are blooming.... or at least leafing out

Spring comes early in the year here and it often isn't very much different than the end of winter.  There are no crocuses pushing up through the last of the snow.  No sudden damp when the temperatures finally rise above freezing.  Here is just gets warmer and warmer and the days get longer and longer.  The plants and trees all know when it's time to pop out new leaves or bud up for spring flowers.  And despite the warm temperatures it's still a process that takes time.  We often have roses blooming through most of the winter but when the pecan trees start to leaf out you know we aren't going back to winter again for months and months.

New leaves on the Pecan trees.

I took a nice walk around the property this morning as a respite from packing up.  We have a show in Seguin, Texas next week.  The Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta.  It will be a hoot, as always and we hope to see you there.  Peggy will be here tomorrow for the last of the packing and all the loading up.  I've been packing all morning and needed a little nature walk.  Here is what I found...

Magnolia blooms

Penelope Rose in bloom

Bottle Brush

Zebra Grass

Sunflowers just coming up

Flax maybe or it could be Lavender.  I planted both.

Funny looking caterpillars.

Carolina Jasmine

We lost most of our lemons/limes but the peach is blooming!

These look like faces, don't they?

Happy Easter.  Have a great spring/summer.  Watch out for snakes - we've already had several run-ins with the slippery little devils but most ended the way they should - we all went our separate ways.  The fire ants are bad right now too.  Watch where you walk!