Pedy's Grand Adventure

Last Wednesday my friend Mica left here after dark and headed home.  On the way she thought she heard some noises coming from the engine compartment of her truck.  She stopped and checked under the hood several times but couldn't figure out what was making all that noise.  The next day she drove around Simonton, ran some errands and went to work.  She finally opened up the hood again in a last ditch effort to figure out what was making the noise.  It sounded like maybe a cat but she wasn't sure.


You guessed it.  There was Pedy in the engine compartment of her truck.  He wasn't hurt at all but he was fairly frantic so she couldn't catch him.  She closed the hood again and drove very slowly home where she had a small dog crate.  Her son suggested that she just leave the hood open so the cat could get out but she knew we would want our cat back so she couldn't do that.  The 35 miles from her house to mine would be a daunting walk for a cat.  With help from her son and several scratched arms later she managed to get a firm hold on Pedy and get him into the dog crate.  Then she called me to tell me what was going on.  She had given Pedy food and water by then but had plans that night that couldn't be adjusted so promised she would bring Pedy home the following morning.


Sure enough, bright and early on Friday morning, Mica comes cruising in the driveway with our cat.  Pedy felt vaguely oily but completely unharmed.  I can't figure out how many of his lives he must have used up.  


We are glad to have him home safe and sound.