Pedy the Cat Reporting...

Peggy and I were in Destin, FL last week as vendors at the January Spin-In.  It was wonderful and I'll write more about that later.  While we were gone, Pedy, our intrepid feline reporter submitted this story for publication here.

Pedy Reporting

Hello, this is Pedy your news analyst reporting from our ranch in Colorado County, Texas.

There has been lots of activity on the ground and in the air around here in the last few days.  A large number geese have moved into acreage surrounding the ranch.  There is a lot of “geese talk” and several flocks of fliers in the sky overhead.  We at the ranch were wondering why they were here and what they were doing.

I recently spoke to one of the Canadians in charge.  He said that he was part of the leadership team of the convoy soon to be heading north for the summer.  He indicated that they were gathering here to prepare for their long flight to Canada.  “Some are old hands, while others are rookies on this upcoming flight” he said.  He continued saying, “Our job in the next few days is one of conditioning and training”.  He indicated that the convoys Sergeants’ are taking smaller groups of geese out for flights centered on 1) leadership and learning how and when to change lead goose, 2) how to form a proper “V-plan” and change it on the fly, 3) what to do if a goose loses the flock and needs to find it again, and 4) safety in hunting zones.  The leader I communicated with said that this necessary work will help reduce attrition on the long flight of the convoy and should be wrapped up in a couple weeks.

For now, those of us on the ranch will marvel at their maneuvers and precision, even if we have to wear earplugs.

This is your reporter Pedy signing off from northern Colorado County.