Pedi Reporting

Hello, this is Pedi your news analyst reporting from our ranch in Colorado County.

There is a lot of discussion around the ranch this week centering around our last horse. He is 22 years old and we all call him Steele Pony. The lady rancher says his official name is Tamerlynn’s Tempered Steele (a former show pony). We all know him to be a bit of a “snoop” around here.

This week he has informed us that he now wants to be called “DCI Pony”. Sounds to the rest of us to be snooty. However, he seems firm on this. The goats, who always seem to be in-the-know think it has something to do with the fact that the ranchers have been watching a lot of British murder mysteries recently on Netflix and Acorn. We will see if the name sticks. As he has been very ill recently, I think all will do as he wishes.

This is your reporter Pedi signing off from northern Colorado County.