Most trees that produce nuts or fruit go through cycles of production.  One year may produce lots of fruit, other years not so much.  Each species is a little bit different but there always seems to be a cycle. 

We have pecan trees that went for years and years and didn't produce enough nuts for a single pecan pie. I should say that pecans are actually considered drupes - a category that includes stone fruits like plums and peaches, but also apples, strawberries, cherries, avocados and some true nuts like walnuts and pecans. It's an interesting gathering of very different foods.

Over the last several years we have had pretty good pecan production.  Our trees have produced enough to warrant cracking them and adding them to almost every dessert I've made.  And/or giving some of them away to family and friends - who can crack their own.

It looks like this year will be a productive one.  I'm not even sure why I looked up into the leaves of the pecan trees but there they are.  Lots of very green pecan husks.  We may have our work cut out for us this fall!