Ordering Christmas Gifts?

If you are intending to order a wonderful new Schacht loom or spinning wheel and want it to arrive in time for Christmas, please check out the list below.  These are the final order dates that will assure your gifts are ready to wrap by Christmas.

Schacht-Reeves Wheels - October 17th

Wolf Looms, Floor Looms, Table Looms - November 7th

Matchless, Ladybug, Sidekick and Flatiron Wheels - November 14th

Flip Looms, small looms, accessories, bulky packages - November 21st

Crickets + accessories, Zoom Looms - November 28th

Please note that we have Ladybug and Flatiron spinning wheels in stock.  We also have both 10" and 15" Cricket looms, Zoon Looms and lots of accessories in stock.  All floor looms will need to be ordered as will some accessories so check the list above if you have something in mind and then let us know what you want.  We are happy to place your orders!

Need some ideas for your favorite spinner or weaver?  Call and we can talk you through it!