Oops! Sorry about that!

We all have that thing we can't quite remember or manage to be prepared for.  For some people is losing their keys.  Or having a flat tire.  Or running out of gas. Or forgetting the most important item at the grocery store.  You know what it is.  It's what your family is always laughing at you about.  Yes.  For me it's leaving the water running.

We have a nice piece of property and for the most part leaving the water running doesn't impact much except to make a patch of ground soggy.  If I leave the water running in Steele's pasture it just means he has better watered grass to munch on.  If I leave the water running in the goats yard it just means there is an area of soggy grass they won't walk on.

So far I have not put our water well in jeopardy.  It's not a very deep well but the water is wonderful and plentiful. I don't like running the pump all night long when I don't have to - it's extra electricity and it wastes water - but so far no big issues with my forgetting.

Enter my husband, Ron, who is going up the hill to mow.  Our grass is growing like crazy so he is doing lots of mowing. I had turned the water on to fill up the water trough is pasture three.  And walked away and completely forgot it was on.  And it was on all night long. Ron couldn't see that there was a wet area since the grass was long.  And he buried the mower up to the axles in mud.  He was not amused.

Ron walked back down to the house and got his truck.  He pulled the mower out of the muck with a chain.  Did I say he was not amused?  No real damage was done to the truck or the mower but still.  I scampered up there and drove his truck back to the house for him. 

I'm really sorry, honey.