Off and Running

Studio cleaned up, cleaned out and organized.  Check!

Floors vacuumed and mopped. Check!

Bathroom scrubbed.  Check!

All the throw rugs are back on the floor.  Check!

I think the studio is spruced up and ready to go.  Everything smells fresh and clean.  It's time to get back to warping looms.

The big Louet loom will be weaving linen bath towels.  These are thin and completely different than typical cotton bath towels that are fluffy.  Linen absorbs water faster than cotton and dries more quickly.  That is the perfect recipe for bath towels.  I have a couple of linen towels I bought from Vaxbo Linen in Sweden.  I love them so weaving some of my own was a logical step.

I had started warping this loom before I broke my leg so it's been a challenge to figure out where I was in the process and what exactly I was trying to do.  Note taking has never been my forte so I've had to look at what I did before and figure it out.  

The Gilmore loom will be weaving kitchen towels.  This iteration is black, grey and white with possibly a small dash of red for drama.  I'm going back to my happy place - pinwheels.  They always make me smile.

This past week has been sort of crazy but next weekend, Friday August 24th, the studio will be back open at its usual days/hours.  10 am to 4 pm.  Finally!