November News in the Studio

Texas Fleece & Fiber in Kerrville the end of last month was so much fun. We got to see lots of friends, old and new, had mostly wonderful weather, a pleasant drive and perhaps our favorite breakfast tacos at Mary's Tacos. We got home just in time for Halloween and now we are blasting our way through November and racing towards Thanksgiving.


We have added several new things to our website that you might be interested in. The Schacht Quartet is here! This cool device bolts to the top of your 15" Cricket rigid heddle loom to turn it into a four shaft table loom. I built one and am getting ready to warp it up. I can't wait! If you want this one that's already put together you get the 15" Cricket with the attached Quartet on a stand and I'll throw in the Cricket trap for free. You will need to pick this up here at the studio or I can meet you someplace within 40 miles of here.

All of my floor looms have sectional back beams so I warp them in sections. All the crickets are directly warped using just one peg. I have all the equipment I need for both of those techniques. But the Quartet needs either a warping board that hangs on the wall or a set of warping pegs that you attach to a tabletop. We now have those in stock.

We managed to get two copies of Real Shetland Yarns, a wonderful book full of short essays and comments by Shetlanders about their current or historical insights into wool and sheep. We carried this book in the past but were happy to get more copies. This book is now out of print and out of stock at Jamieson & Smith, Wool Brokers, our supplier.

The poly drive band on my Ladybug spinning wheel had gotten so stretched out that I couldn't tighten it enough for it to spin the way I wanted her to. I ordered a couple of new drive bands. One is now on my wheel but the other one is sitting here waiting on you to order it.