New Stock of Flax

Yes! We just received our latest order of fine Swedish flax roving.  I love this stuff. Here is the background.  Flax grows to be a tall straight plant with very long flax fibers. They can be up to 36" long.  That is so long that it requires a very different spinning technique than any other shorter fiber.  When it is processed to maintain it's complete length, it is twisted into a beautiful strick. I love spinning from the strick.  But it is a different technique and one that many people find difficult to learn.

In order to make flax roving, the flax is cut to a shorter length.  Usually, this is in the 5 - 7" range, similar to medium long wool fibers. The roving is much more similar to spinning other fibers.  Not such a leap of technique. What I love about the Swedish roving from Vaxbo Linens in Sweden, is that the flax fiber is cut to a much greater length, generally in the range of 10 - 12". This sort of splits the difference.  The roving is easier to spin than flax strick but still different than spinning wool.  It's easier to learn and still makes a wonderful smooth, strong yarn, particularly when it's spun wet, which is my favorite way.

I'm in the process of making up 4 ounce bumps of this wonderful flax.  They are $18 and we have lots.  If you are interested in giving it a try but not quite ready to go for the entire 4 ounces, send me a note and I will send you a smaller sample to play with at no charge. I want everyone to try this wonderful fiber and to be successful at spinning it.