New on the Website

While in some areas I can be quite a collector, I'm no hoarder.  I go through my clothing at least a couple of times each year and try on everything I own.  Each piece either stays or goes based on how it fits right now and how often I've worn it in the last year.  Of course, the caveat is I can keep anything I want regardless of the other criteria.

With this latest fiber show - packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and then doing it all again to get everything home - I've liberated quite a few things that just need to go up on the website.  

I found 7 spinning/weaving videos that I bought with the intention of watching but have never opened.  I took a long look at my collection of spindles and did the hard work of choosing which to keep and which to part with.  

I found a variety of yarn all bought with the intention of my using it but here it all sits unused.  In moving my library with it's bookcase across the studio, I found duplicates of several books.

We buy nice things.  Sometimes we spend way too much for something.  Sometimes we can pick things up for a song.  Regardless of the price paid, when it's time for something to move along to a new owner it's time.

The videos are already up on the website.  As are the books and some of the yarn.  Expect the spindles and remaining yarn up there in the next few days.

I have an entire year's worth of kitchen towels woven by Charlene Schurch sitting here ready to be photographed.  Charlene is an amazing weaver and I know you will love her towels.  

Stay tuned for more great items on the website!